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Artificial Intelligence And Chinese Making
Dec 07, 2017


In recent years, the United States, Germany and other traditional manufacturing powers have been making smart manufacturing. How can China make the next move?4, intelligent manufacturing mechanical and electrical equipment on the peak BBS in China, the Chinese academy of engineering jian-rong tan puts forward five aspects: the combination of combined with innovative design, combined with large data, combined with knowledge engineering, combined with virtual reality, combined with precise production.

Artificial intelligence seems "a mystery", but it has already come to us.According to Mr Tam, since 1956, when four academics, such as McCarthy, first proposed the term "artificial intelligence" in the us, there have been several hot spots in the development of artificial intelligence today.Among them are smart phones and smart cars.
Jian-rong tan to the emergence of smartphones overturn traditional mobile phone, mobile phone navigation events such as the emergence of subversion navigator manufacturing enterprise for example, artificial intelligence is a disruptive technology, the reversal occurred in all walks of life.

, especially when it comes to AlPhaGo jian-rong tan believe that this is a important milestone in the development of artificial intelligence, "and the Chinese chess player KeJie in wartime, AlPhaGo win because it adopted the deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithm model".
Look at China, Chinese academy of engineering pan yunhe, artificial intelligence has formally entered the China 2.0, thinks the future of artificial intelligence will be people, computers and the Internet intelligent system to run together.

Pan yunhe in world conference on intelligence, said in the past to pay more attention to how the machine of artificial intelligence to imitate a person's intelligence, but now the idea of artificial intelligence scientists have changed, the electronic commerce, smart city, transportation, medical, logistics, etc., as a system by artificial intelligence to realize intelligent operation.Computer intelligence should be combined with human intelligence to play a role in the areas of expertise.

As artificial intelligence in China 2.0 project participants, jian-rong tan believe that artificial intelligence has several main characteristics: 2.0 a data-driven study, the depth of unstructured data integration of a variety of media, man-machine and brain machine interaction, based on the swarm intelligence of the network.
"Artificial intelligence is centered on knowledge base and knowledge engineering, and through perception, interaction and real time, it achieves self-learning and self-determination.Therefore, artificial intelligence can solve the problems of manufacturing, assembly and service in manufacturing when combined with Chinese manufacturing.Tan noted the combination of artificial intelligence and manufacturing.
It has a profound background, it is understood that made in China in 2015, the government work report for the first time put forward the implementation of the "made in China 2025", insist on innovation drive, intelligent transformation, strengthening the foundation, the green development, speed up from manufacturer to make power.With high artificial intelligence, zheng production, from all walks of life will also be made "smart" based on artificial intelligence as a manufacturing power from China towards a manufacturing powerhouse, a critical step in from made in China to created in China.

As an important part of intelligent manufacturing, is committed to intelligent product/equipment research jian-rong tan also defines the transition of intelligent products: smart phones to intelligent terminals, smart appliances to smart home, intelligent machine tools to intelligent equipment, unmanned to unmanned systems, and so on.
He believes that under the national strategic environment, smart products/equipment should be combined in five ways: to integrate with innovative design, Chinese enterprises should improve their innovative design ability.Combine big data with big data to master market and customer demand.To meet the knowledge engineering, summarize the experience of processing personnel, workshop management, and systematically promote;In combination with virtual reality, this technology can be promoted to civilian use and integration of military and civilian people.Combine with precision production to produce the right product at the right time.
"Internet + can not replace product design, manufacturing, processing and management technology, but it can help Chinese manufacturers transform and upgrade, improve processing efficiency and process quality."Tan jianrong finally issued a reminder.

It is reported, China's intelligent manufacturing mechanical and electrical equipment peak BBS held in hangzhou city, zhejiang province, with made "smart" as the theme, in "mechanical and electrical equipment" as the focus to explore direction, many industry higher-ups scholars thought the collision exchanges, common agent "smart" fresh air to the electrical and mechanical manufacturing industry.The BBS by zhejiang mechanical and electrical industry association, the China news service bureau of zhejiang province, zhejiang businessmen always new media committee, zhejiang union capital and industrial development, the mechanical and electrical home network to undertake together.