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Are White Smoke From Nuclear Plants Toxic
Sep 28, 2017


The main use of a nuclear power plant chimney is exhaust, sometimes white smoke.White smoke is water vapor because of heat exchange.Pressurized water reactor is mainly divided into two circuits: the primary circuit (or "nuclear") connected to the reaction vessel and steam generator, the secondary circuit (or called "ci") to the steam generator and steam turbine.The process of steam generation:

(1) when the cooling water of the circuit flows through the reaction vessel, the heat of the nuclear reaction is absorbed and the temperature is raised;When passing through the steam generator, the heat is transferred to the water in the second circuit, while the temperature is reduced and the reaction vessel is reheated.

(2)The secondary circuit of water by the steam generator, the absorption of the primary circuit of the cooling water into steam by heat and then into the steam turbine, driving turbine rotate, the steam turbine through a rotating shaft to drive the rotor of the generator power;After the steam is done in the steam turbine, it becomes liquid water and the steam generator is reabsorbed.

The water in the two loops of the steam generator is always separated to ensure that the two circuits are not radioactive.When the unit starts and stops, sometimes the steam in the secondary loop is released, so the white smoke emitted is water vapor and no radioactivity.

For each room ventilation and gas emission, contains a small amount of radioactivity, filtered and monitoring within the prescribed limits, and filter change regularly, and other processing, and the public has no impact on the environment.