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Agricultural Machine AI Has Unlimited Prospects
Mar 09, 2019


Industrial readjustment is both a crisis and an opportunity.Since the domestic agricultural machinery industry entered the upgrading and transformation period in 2015, the pace of the whole industry's pursuit of exploration and innovative development has never stopped, especially in 2018, when the sales scale and profit level both entered the decline channel, the agricultural machinery industry development difficulty is unprecedented.

With the development of the eyes to see, alternating between traditional industries and emerging industry development, in essence is the competition between innovation gene, for any agricultural machinery enterprises, age is not given the opportunity, only holding industry, innovation drive to create opportunities, bring lasting vitality, can enter into modern agricultural machinery competition new "blue ocean", let us together to find more new path of development.

Revolution of quality, traditional industry defends surprise

Some scholars predict that if the 20th century is the era of productivity, the 21st century is the era of quality.With the deepening of the world's industrialization, the consumption-oriented society is becoming increasingly mature, and the human society has higher and higher requirements on the quality of life and product quality.After 40 years of reform and opening up and rapid industrialization, China has become the world's largest manufacturing country, but compared with the escalating consumer market demand, compared with the manufacturing level of major industrialized countries, and compared with the needs of The Times to promote high-quality development, China's manufacturing industry still has a large gap in many aspects.

As one of the representatives of traditional industries, China's agricultural machinery industry has achieved leapfrog and unconventional development for more than 10 years since the implementation of the purchase subsidy policy for agricultural machinery in 2004. In 2012, the scale of agricultural machinery exceeded 300 billion yuan, becoming the world's largest.However, there are always two sides to everything. Since 2015, along with the supply-side structural reform, the domestic agricultural machinery industry has exposed its big but weak weaknesses. The agricultural machinery industry has entered an upgrading and adjustment period, and the overall development pace has slowed down.In 2018, the overall industrial development hit a new low. The main business income of agricultural machinery enterprises above the scale increased by about 1%, and the negative profit growth exceeded double digits.

1f0cf400acdae6baa214de75aaac3248Facing the future, the agricultural machinery industry quality revolution is imminent, among which, there are two key points must pay close attention to: first, endogenous force shaping.First of all, the positioning of the enterprise on the issue, to find the core advantages, whether it is to do traditional products or niche products, we must do what we are good at, and do the best;Secondly, continuous improvement and improvement in product reliability. To put it bluntly, no matter how well the service is provided, the product reliability is insufficient and cannot satisfy users. What if the product does not break down easily?Second, innovation.Industry is, first and foremost, technology innovation, relative to the world in terms of competition, in the final analysis, competition among remains the core technology, at present, the domestic farm machinery manufacturing large-scale, intelligent, high-tech areas such as technical barriers built, high power transmission system, pick up cotton baling machine pick up cotton knot, means, no-till planting models such as dependence on imported key parts, technological breakthroughs, to break barriers is urgent;Secondly, it is industrial design innovation. At present, domestic agricultural machinery industry is no inferior to European and American first-tier brands in terms of appearance design innovation. However, there is a big gap in product structure design, performance design, intelligence, precision and other design links, which needs to be accelerated to catch up.Then there is manufacturing innovation.Manufacturing is the foundation of industrial development, without manufacturing, the river of innovation will dry up, China's agricultural machinery manufacturing in processing technology, assembly technology, flexible management and other links are seriously uneven, some core key technological barriers have not yet broken through, improve the quality and quality of manufacturing is very critical.

Business diversification, business model without boundaries

In the course of the development of domestic agricultural machinery industry, the exploration of agricultural machinery personnel in pursuit of innovation has never stopped, and the innovation of different enterprises' personalized business model is also non-stop.Agricultural machinery industry has never existed in isolation. Only by consistently serving agriculture, integrating with agricultural modernization, and promoting the integration of wit and machine skills, can we effectively support the development of agricultural modernization.

Along with the industrial transformation and upgrading, the business model transformation of agricultural machinery enterprises also presents a new form. Generally speaking, there are two modes of transformation that are most representative. One is the transformation from "selling products and services" to "providing solutions".At the beginning of the agricultural machinery industry development, is the running of the products to many enterprises, in the process of the "three guarantees" service as a product of the effective supplement, played an important role in the development of industry, with the changing market and user needs, "solution" is becoming the direction of agricultural machinery enterprise management, the scale of companies seek to provide "mechanization of agricultural production the whole solution", general enterprises are focused on the specific professional field full-service, business model innovation model of agricultural machinery industry emerge in endlessly, show more rich connotation.Second, from a single entity business into the "Internet + modern agricultural machinery" combined with the industrial ecosystem.Network information society, the agricultural machinery operation absolute without the aid of the Internet platform, the seamless link and the organic integration of online and offline sales, has become the industry generally recognize the basic management means, and at the same time, the concept of agricultural machinery enterprises are exploring with "Internet + modern agricultural machinery" to create "intelligent granary", promote the crop planting planning, laser soil preparation, farm machinery intelligent operating system development, and through the big data systems integration application in the automatic control of agricultural machinery, soil testing and fertilizer application in areas such as to improve the efficiency of agricultural production, reduce the cost and environmental protection requirements,Look for agricultural production methods and modern agricultural equipment requirements of different scales, different regions, different crops and different business entities, so as to make process management more automatic and intelligent...According to the judgment of the expert inside course of study, do not need too long, on the basis of full mechanization of agricultural production, big data and cloud platform, the Internet, 3 s technology, automatic control technology, automation, intelligent, informatization era will be modern agricultural production technology, ecosystem management limit detachment zone in infinite degrees, commercial charm and value of greater space.

Business model innovation has endowed the traditional agricultural machinery industry with a new format that is more in line with the needs of The Times. It is inadvertently refreshing people's cognition of land, cultivation, farmers and mechanization development, and has become one of the representative symbols of social progress.

Science and technology intelligence, agricultural machine AI foreground is infinite

In today's ubiquitous information technology, intelligence is becoming increasingly important, so is the agricultural machinery industry. From the most basic GPS positioning, to unmanned driving, to the intelligent integrated control platform, the expansion and upgrading of artificial intelligence technology in the agricultural machinery industry represents the trend and direction of the development of the industry.

By industry concept, AI ArtificialIntelligence (artificial intelligence) is a branch of computer science, is to study how to make the computer to complete the previous person's intelligence is needed to do the job, also is the study of how to apply the computer hardware and software to simulate some human intelligent behavior, the basic theory, method and technology in the field of the research include robot, speech recognition, image recognition, natural language processing and expert system, etc.Since the birth of artificial intelligence, the theory and technology are increasingly mature, and the application field is expanding. Artificial intelligence can simulate the information process of people's consciousness and thinking. One of the main goals of artificial intelligence research is to make machines capable of some complex tasks that usually require human intelligence to complete.It can be imagined that the technological products brought by artificial intelligence in the future will be the "containers" of human intelligence.

In people's traditional concept, there are two kinds of misunderstanding about agricultural machinery and agriculture, among which, the first misunderstanding is that agricultural machinery is not a high-end machinery category.Actually this kind of understanding is there is a big deviation, from the dialectical point of view, any kind of high-end agricultural machinery products are hundreds, thousands of organic composition, the technical content is lower than any kind of mechanical products, in recent years, the national advanced equipment such as farm machinery equipment and space as the technology of object, enough to see, its technology and complex degree, also can feel the importance of agricultural machinery and equipment upgrade directly;The second misunderstanding is that farmers can not get rid of the "face toward the loess back heaven", "beads of sweat fell to the eight petals" hard.With the development of agricultural machinery industry upgrading, the original work is eliminated, the overall mechanization of farming is not only, and will continuously explore driverless, satellite cruise industry, the intelligent control technology with traditional agricultural machinery seamless link, make agriculture more intelligent, more accurate, more wisdom, more efficient, let farmers farming becomes more comfortable.

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