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After The Quantum Encryption Technology Used In Non-contact Security Chip For The First Time
Jun 10, 2017


Because of the powerful computing capacity, quantum computers have break the current destructive potential of various kinds of encryption algorithms.As a leading security solutions provider, infineon technologies co., LTD (FSE: IFX/OTCQX: IFNNY) has been prepared from today's security agreement after a smooth transition to a new generation of quantum cryptography (PQC).Infineon has successfully implemented PQC on non-contact security market is on the chip implementation for the first time, as to the electronic identification.This makes infineon in to combat the encryption of quantum computing field is in the lead.

Infineon smart card and security division chief executive Stefan Hofschen said: "after the implementation of quantum cryptography on non-contact security chip, make the infineon is in the leading position in this field. Our security solution depends on credible and standardize of the private key and public key algorithm. In order to better cope with the future security threats, we, as always, and academia, customers and partners. We can push on the small embedded terminal safe and efficient execution of the standard in the future." 

Quantum computer's attack on the password technology today is expected to become a reality in the next 15 to 20 years.Was introduced, a quantum computer that can complete some with faster speed than the existing computer calculation, and even threatens the safety of the most well-known algorithms, such as RSA and ECC.At present, the transport layer security (TLS), such as S/MIME or PGP/GPG using various Internet standards based on RSA and ECC encryption method to protect the control system of smart card, computer, server, or industrial data communication.Sample is known to have had with "HTTPS" at the beginning of online bank or on the phone "instant messaging" encryption, etc.

Chip storage capacity and computing time is the key

Infineon headquarters in Munich and non-contact graz technology research center, security experts made a breakthrough in this field.They on non-contact smart card chip market is carried out after the quantum key exchange scheme.Key exchange scheme is used to build encrypted channels in between the two parties.Deployment algorithm is "New Hope" algorithm, which is made by Google on the development of Chrome version successfully developed resistance to quantum cryptography system.

Participation to jointly develop New Hope algorithm from infineon smart card and security division of Thomas Poppelmann pointed out: "the horrible ghost to academia and quantum computer IT industry highly vigilant. In infineon, we are proud to take the lead in implementation of PQC in contactless smart CARDS. We are faced with the challenges include with a smaller chip size and limited storage capacity to store and execute the complexity of this algorithm, and speed."Thomas Poppelmann researchers due to develop New Hope and cooperation was awarded the prestigious Facebook Internet defense award in 2016.

In the field of quantum computer, PQC and security level of RSA and ECC in today's traditional computing implementation level of security.Nevertheless, quantum computing power to fight, need longer than conventional RSA key length 2048 or 256 - bit of ECC.Nevertheless, infineon researchers can in no additional storage space and larger chip size, on commercial security chip to deploy New Hope algorithm.

Would be in government and industry standardization organization forced migration before, in the next few years is one or more agreed PQC algorithm.Infineon to actively participate in the development and standardization, in order to achieve a smooth transition, and deal with in the presence of a quantum computer could face security challenges.

Use "quantum" quantum computer, quantum superposition of can in any instead of conventional equipment in bits (0 or 1).As a result, some calculation can be executed in parallel, and faster than before, so as to solve many problems of the conventional computing capability of unattainable.Quantum computers run thousands of times faster, that leads to the possibility of a new, for example, search a large database, support chemical or physical modeling, design material (material design), etc.However, the operation ability also helps to decrypt the current use of encryption algorithm, and that if use the existing technology to decode it is almost impossible.