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The Internet Of Things Is Too Big, How To Do A Little Thing
Jun 10, 2017

1.jpgHuawei cloud platform

Don't touch the data but management data, do not touch the application that can be used, huawei OceanConnect IoT is how to control the ambition and desire, do join little thing?

Started with from the switch and to the world's largest telecommunications equipment suppliers, huawei has completed a thirtysomething small target.Time continue to push forward, came to interconnection of all entry, the most qualified to talk about connection communications giant will be how to undertake the historical mission of Internet of things era to it?


On this proposition, huawei cloud core network IoT platform field product director ms Jennifer zimdahl Galt said, all things connected age puts forward higher requirements on the communication connection layer, therefore, huawei also experienced from pure communications infrastructure to join management platform OceanConnect IoT platform.


The Internet of things era, just need to get the unprecedented release connection

In the mobile Internet era, huawei through to the mobile communication patterns of people connection management, combining with its own accumulation and practice in the field of ICT, driven by communication technology advantage industry informatization.And in the age of the Internet of things, from the form to the state, the communication technology (CT) of the two sides of supply and demand, the application of information technology (IT) scene have been great changes have taken place, the fusion model is also experienced a 2.0 version of the iterations: from traditional support operators of cellular networks, broadband network construction, all kinds of mobile terminals and application support, travelled all the way to the Internet of things platform.

In the face of communication and connection environment "shock", Jennifer zimdahl Galt believes that the Internet of things era increasingly close IT and CT is an irreversible trend, as a key battleground, the value of the Internet of things platform also has been a industrial chain upstream and downstream mohican, blue seas gradually walk "red", but just one or two years' time.Investigate its reason, is to the Internet of things platform, its huge market potential, unknown challenges and barriers to Internet pioneers, are extremely attractive.

The sharp increase in cloud platform, reflect the Internet of things, cloud computing and communications technologies such as bottom-up push science and technology revolution a necessity:


2.jpgIot broke the ceiling of the number of connections to the mobile Internet era.From the house of wearable devices, car electronics, household to public facilities, industrial equipment and so on, almost no one area can escape the palm of everything connected.Connected to the base surge in direct catalytic connection technology of iteration (NB - IoT, e - MTC, LoRa, 5 g).Global communications majors are all see the new world, and quickly adjust strategic thinking, with billions of connection in the future market.Investors also didn't pass this fat at the same time, the dual power of technology and capital to build "tropical rain forest type" ecological IoT platform.

The rise of cloud computing technology.Make development approach based on cloud services gradually replaced the original chimney application development way, convenient and easy to use, iterative development environment gets flat Taiwanese and industry application developers.

Big data and artificial intelligence technology to mature.From a pure device connected to the Internet to realize data visualization, and then to room for big data engine software is to construct model, and refine decision-making, the value of big data has clearly into deep mining connection management platform of high order value pursuit and carrier.


Since there are so fertile join market in the future, such as 30 years of experience in communication and 10 years IT experience also to the whole time, then huawei aiming at application under above, connection, is dedicated to all interconnected positioning equipment, introduced OceanConnect IoT platform.

As huawei 1 + 2 + 1 IoT strategy important constituent, OceanConnect IoT platform on touch but management data, don't touch the application that is applicable to the key role.Therefore, the Internet of things industry chain integration function is self-evident, from the bottom of the sensor and the hardware equipment business, the communication among manufacturers, software application layer, and the final vertical industry players, is a line that is called the "data" virtually pulling, and OceanConnect IoT connection management platform to review, this wire is efficient in the whole county, acceleration is the Internet of things industry process of the whole line.


OceanConnect IoT platform mainly from three aspects can assign for industry partners:

In the south, it to join the ability to reduce equipment access threshold;

In the north, to the difficulty of the enabling capabilities to simplify application development,

By using big data source new injection engine to provide the application level of the vertical industry innovation.


Layout of things big move, only focus on connecting the "little things"

Internet of things is known as the fourth revolution of science and technology, the volume of big, broad coverage, to industrial chain, in which layer has the huge commercial value, so it is easy to see things in the field of mergers and acquisitions and expansion, and even the entire ecosystem do build.In huawei's point of view, however, any new technology business development cannot leave the two objective laws, the first is that the commercial subject have enough technological advantage and research and development ability;The second is that the object is the introduction of new technology and just need to upgrade.The former is technology-oriented enterprises core competitiveness based on Internet of things, which is based on technology for the correspondency of upstream and downstream applications fall to the ground.


3.jpgJennifer zimdahl Galt, said huawei was based on their own level in the communication connection of deep transformation of technical reserves, and strictly to niche business pain points, only guaranteed a connection management platform.So, huawei is how to do this little "connections"?


We will promote standardization of Internet communication, fragmentation application scenario

 Mentioned above, the Internet of things platform presents the explosive growth in recent years, yet in large and small businessmen in permeate every niche business process, will not be easy.And to the development of Taiwanese industry now Jian foot, Jennifer zimdahl Galt believes that from the appearance, stems mainly from isolation between ICT technology and industry knowledge, and looked into it, the fragmentation of the industry technical standards (especially communications standards), it is not only the inverse interconnectivity of all things historical tide, it also indirectly interferes with the Internet of things practitioners fast profit income.


Fragmentation of the application scenario is need multiple connection technology, the differentiation of the underlying equipment, but this and fragmented, jagged industry standard obviously cannot confuse STH with STH else.Applications to the cloud as issued chips and hardware, communication layer, the establishment of the standard is particularly important.


Aiming at this problem, huawei has decided that we will promote standardization of Internet communication is imperative.

Such as, in the municipal services, gas meter, intelligent parking areas such as strong demand of low power consumption in the wide area network technology, huawei actively promote NB - IoT standard protocols to freeze, gradually replaced the original fragmentation competition, and constantly with the water meter, gas, parking, lighting and other fields of TOP class players pilot cooperation, further validation, trial and error, facilitate the final establishment of the standard.


In addition, the perspective of huawei's platform, promote OneM2M standard for other technical standards compliance.Huawei in the field of standard protocol of seasoning for many years, the standard has a clear understanding of different industries.Therefore, in terms of the underlying protocol has a lot of support, including ZigBee technology, Z - wave, bluetooth, WiFi, coap, thread, MQTT, ModBUS, OPCUA commonly used technical agreement.


From "connected" to "join" upgrade, excavate potential big data


With lots of communication protocols and standards support, huawei next idea is to enable these communication standard advantage can assign to a specific industry.Jennifer zimdahl Galt believes that flat Taiwanese face another big problem is the value of industry data mining is not enough, and some industry is embracing a driving force of the Internet of things is not strong, it highlights the importance of "data" hand processing stage.

 4.jpgSimple connection device to get the data have been unable to meet the demand of the application layer of high order, so more than "connection" equipment, huawei will also "join" the data management, data can be tube, visual, controllable pretreatment.On the basis of huawei can rapidly make the data distribution, location, failure can be traced back to reactions such as engine, and really applied to solve the specific industry, formed from a single point to batch the ability to solve the problem, finally realizes the large-scale commercial.