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Use of aluminum electrolytic capacitors knowledge
Sep 07, 2016

Actual bear of the capacitor in the circuit voltage must not exceed the pressure value. Filter circuit, the capacitor voltage not less than 1.42 times times the RMS. When using the Electrolytic Capacitor, also pay attention to the polarity not reversed.

Different circuit should choose different types of capacitor. Harmonic oscillation circuits can use mica, high-frequency ceramics capacitor, DC isolation can choose print, polyester, mica, electrolysis, ceramic capacitors, filters can use electrolytic capacitors, bypass can use polyester, paper, ceramic, electrolytic capacitors.

Capacitor load circuit to check before it ever short circuit, open circuit and leakage phenomenon, and check its capacitance. When installed, to make the capacitor type, capacity, pressure and other symbols, easy to see, for verification.