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Tantalum capacitors
Sep 07, 2016

Tantalum capacitor tantalum electrolytic capacitors full name is, is a kind of electrolytic capacitors. Solid tantalum capacitors in 1956 from the United States Bell Laboratories first developed. Tantalum capacitor tantalum metal using media does not need to be used like normal Electrolytic Capacitor electrolyte, also do not need to use aluminum-plating membrane capacitance paper burning.

Advantages and disadvantages of wet tantalum capacitors

1, because of the lack of electrolytes within, so it is suitable for working at high temperature

2, long life, small size, function stability, high accuracy, high frequency properties of modified filter excellent

3, able to work under extremely severe conditions

4, small capacity, prices more expensive than aluminum capacitors, high voltage and current relatively weak capacity

5, voltage has a certain limit values

Field of application of tantalum capacitors

Tantalum capacitors are not only widely used in military telecommunications, aerospace and other fields, and applications of tantalum capacitors in industrial control, video devices, communication instrument, widely used in products. Also has a storage battery, charge and discharge properties should be used for filtering, energy storage and conversion, mark bypass, coupling and decoupling, and the time constant of the original.