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Reference case of super capacitor for new energy vehicle
Oct 09, 2016

In the recent years, with the continuous intense of international energy, price rising of crude oil and environmental pollution, plus the rapid development of industrialization, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution becomes more serious. To ensure the energy security and for environmental protection, new energy car has very attractive prospects as a burgeoning auto industry, the super capacitor is therefore crucial to supply energy power for the core components of new energy vehicle.

However, compared with traditional storage battery, the super capacitor has lower energy density and smaller energy storage. To make up the relative shortages of super capacitor, Jinpei technology team developed cooling device for activated carbon underpotential deposition technology and super capacity after repeated practice.

This underpotential deposition technology uses metal ions A13+, Li+, Zn2, Cu2+, T1+, Pb2+ taking electrochemical underpotential deposition on the surface of activated carbon, it will increase at least 30% of absorption area and absorption strength which means the capacitor capacity can be increased over 30%, the maximum capacity upgraded to 9000F from the previous 7000F. The new capacitor is particularly suitable for power supply of new energy vehicles or merged with storage battery for super capacitor battery use. Compared with traditional storage battery, super capacitor has lower inner resistance and higher power, the charge and discharge is speedy, only charge 30~60 seconds can run about 6.5 kilometers for a new energy vehicle equipped with super capacitor battery.


The shell of super capacitor is designed with inner and outer shell, a semiconductor refrigeration sheet is arranged between them. Stamped forming several heat radiating grooves on the outer shell, and heat dissipation holes is provided on the grooves, semiconductor refrigeration sheet conducts cooling or refrigeration on the super capacitor, it effectively solves the heat problems such as short circuit, combustion phenomenons during the work process of super capacitor, greatly improves the performance of super capacitors and ensures the application security.


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