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The parameter identification of electrolytic capacitors
Jan 10, 2017

Electrolytic capacitor is negative recognition

Get to know about electrolytic capacitor from outer packaging.Electrolytic capacitor is polarity, can not reverse connection, so the electrolytic capacitor in appearance has obvious signs.Patch type electrolytic capacitor not only at the top of the capacitor have obvious negative polarity marks and base gap end is normal polarity end;

Radial lead electrolytic capacitors, in its plastic on the thermal shrinkage tube was obviously negative sign

(identified by the minus sign), snap - in electrolytic capacitors anode representation, is also a printed sheet as a

negative sign on the casing.

In order to better heat dissipation or patch package cannot set of heat shrinkable tube, usually at the top of the capacitor has obvious negative indicators;electrolytic capacitor in the lead on the rivet pin type also mark the positive and negative signs, some negative signs to rivet on pressure has a negative sign of pitting, and on the plastic casing has negative signal;Screw terminal electrolytic capacitor on the block to have positive and negative signs, no positive and negative marks on the plastic casing.

The parameter identification of electrolytic capacitor

How to read in the appearance of the electrolytic capacit

or on the parameters of the electrolytic capacitor?Usually, in addition to the symbol of the cathode electrolytic capacitor, and the manufacturer's registered trademark, (such as JINPEI capacitor manufacturers in the production of all kinds of electrolytic capacitor, on the outer plastic casing JINPEI company LOGO image), temperature range, the amount of capacitance, rated voltage, electrolytic capacitor model.Solutions for capacitor or polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors, in addition to the marked is extreme, also indicate the manufacturer (JINPEI), capacity of the battery., rated voltage;Aluminum shell encapsulation of SMD electrolytic capacitor (can be either aluminum or aluminum electrolytic capacitor polymer electrolytic capacitor and molybdenum wire type polymer electrolytic capacitor), the top has a negative sign, electrolytic capacitor,the specifications (JINPEIcapacitor manufacturers snap - in electrolytic capacitor series number CD294 560 uF),the electric capacity, rated voltage 200V; screw terminal electrolytic capacitor serial number CD13H , low ESR electrolytic capacitor serial number CD286; long life electrolytic capacitor serial number CD11GE, specific

parameters of the said method also need to check the relevant manufacturer data sheet.