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Sep 07, 2016

Capacitor is an energy storage device, in the circuit for tuning, filtering, coupling, bypass, energy conversion and delay. Commonly called a capacitance of capacitor. Its structure can be divided into fixed capacitors, semi three capacitors, variable capacitor.

It is made of aluminum material for a good electrical properties, the application of a wide range of general purpose electrolytic capacitors, high reliability. National best brand-name products. Xinyun equipment factory of Zhenhua group from China's earliest development and production. Annual production capacity of 1 billion. Products are 30 models, thousands of specifications, widely used in air conditioner, radio cassette recorders, washing machines, communications, household appliances and electronic equipment, instruments and meters of supporting. [1]

It is made negative aluminum cylinder filled with liquid electrolyte, insert a capacitor made of curved aluminum cathode aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Its core is made of Anodic foils, impregnated with electrolyte, pad of paper, cathodes, natural oxidation film of aluminum foil and other overlapping winding of, after core impregnated with electrolyte aluminum shell and rubber cover closed up constitutes an electrolytic capacitor. Under normal circumstances, out of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor aluminum case has a plastic casing. Casing color colorful, not only in appearance, but has a specific meaning.

It features large capacity aluminum electrolytic capacitors, but leakage error, poor stability, often used as AC bypass and filter requirements also used in signal coupling. Electrolytic capacitors are divided into positive and negative, cannot be reversed.