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Application and development of aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Sep 07, 2016

Global supply of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor market matures, mainly in Japan, mainland China, Taiwan, Korea and other regions. Judging from the overall competitive landscape of the industry in recent years, Japan's electrolytic capacitor production started shrinking production, instead of the Korea enterprises, Taiwan enterprises, Chinese mainland enterprises. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors of this product prior to 1978, was a high-tech products in China's mainland, after more than 30 years of development, this aluminum electrolytic capacitors products for domestic producers do not belong to high-tech products of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. From a technical point of view, some domestic famous brands produced by the capacitors can be replaced outside the capacitor.

Aluminum electrolytic industry in China, according to the 2013-2017 prospects and investment analysis report data show 2010 global production value of US $ 5.2 billion, the average growth rate for the past 7 years 4%-5%, by 2012 is expected to reach $ 5.5 billion market size, to about US $ 6 billion in 2015. From the perspective of global delivery of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, since 2010, there is a clear extension of the phenomenon, which to a large extent, implies that the industry is moving into the fast-growing channel.