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Aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Sep 07, 2016

Upward cost pressures and the impact of lower demand shift toward China, in recent years, the well-known overseas manufacturers of aluminum electrolytic capacitors have come to China to invest and build factories. Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor in parallel with the steady growth in traditional areas of consumer electronics and its applications with the restructuring and technological progress in energy-saving lamps, inverter, new energy and other emerging areas to expand. The "Twelve-Five" plan put forward: the big cities and transportation, telecommunications, power supply, water supply and other infrastructure integration and networking. These new development will expand the demand for new products in the field of space, and as the country focused on developing the industry of aluminum electrolytic industry in China will also get a huge development space. [2]

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors in electronic circuit Basic General summarized as: communication, DC resistance, has the function of filtering, bypass, coupled with rapid charge and discharge, and small size, storage capacity, cost-effective feature. With the progress of modern science and technology with the capacitor performance continues to improve, and aluminum electrolytic capacitors have been widely used in consumer electronics products, telecommunications products, computer and peripheral products, new energy, automation, automotive industry, photoelectric products, high-speed rail and aviation and military equipment.

According to the form of electrolyte aluminum electrolytic capacitors can be divided into different liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors and solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor can be classified by leads to different ways of lead type, solder pins, welding plates, bolts, SMD and other five kinds. By application field of different aluminum electrolytic capacitors is divided into consumption class, and industrial class and special application aluminum electrolytic capacitors, consumption class aluminum electrolytic capacitors main for energy-saving lighting, and TV, and display, and computer and the air conditioning, consumption class market; industrial class aluminum electrolytic capacitors main for industrial and communications power, and professional frequency device, and NC and servo system, and wind power and the car, industrial field; special aluminum electrolytic capacitors main should for military, and aviation space and other special field.