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AEC Q200 test conditions
Mar 28, 2018

Note: The environmental test conditions of the AEC-Q200 are mainly based on the MIL-STD-202 and JEDEC22A-104 specifications. The test temperatures of different parts are not only the same, but also the power supply (voltage, current, and load) requirements. It will be different, high temperature storage is not applied bias and load, but in the high temperature working life needs, temperature cycle and temperature impact, the test purpose and method is not the same, in the temperature cycle, high temperature changes need to control the temperature change rate, Temperature shock is not used, high humidity is commonly known as high temperature and humidity test, and humidity resistance is wet freeze test.

Test Condition Precautions: The 1000h test procedure should be performed at intervals of 250h and 500h for high temperature storage (MIL-STD-202-108): [applicable equipment: THS] film capacitor, network low-pass filter, network resistance, heat Sensitive Resistor, Variable Capacitor, Variable Resistor, Ceramic Resonator, EMI Interference Suppressor, EMI Interference Filter: 85°C/1000h Inductor, Transformer, Resistor: 125°C/1000h Varistor: 150°C/1000h Tantalum Capacitor, Ceramic Capacitor , Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors: Maximum Rated Temperature/1000h

High Temperature Service Life (MIL-STD-202-108): [Applicable Devices: THS] Network Low-Pass Filter, Network Resistance: 85°C/1000h EMI Interference Suppressor, EMI Interference Filter: 85°C/1000h/Applied Rated IL tantalum capacitors, ceramic capacitors: Maximum rated temperature / 1000h / (2/3) load / rated voltage Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, inductors, transformers: 105 °C / 1000h Film Capacitance: 1000h / (85 °C / 125% rated voltage, 105 °C & 125 °C / 100% rated voltage) Resettable fuse: 125 °C / 1000h Resistance, thermistor, variable capacitance: 125 °C / 1000h / rated voltage Variable resistance: 125 °C / 1000h / rated power rheostat: 125 °C / 1000h/rated voltage 85%+ma current ceramic resonator: 85°C/1000h/rated VDD+1MΩ, parallel inverter, 2X crystal CL capacitance between each crystal leg and ground Quartz oscillator: 125°C/ 1000h/rated VDD+1MΩ, parallel inverter, 2X crystal CL capacitor between each crystal pin and ground


Temperature cycling (JEDEC22A-104): [applicable devices: TSR, ESS] Film capacitance, variable capacitance, variable resistance, ceramic resonator, EMI interference suppressor, EMI interference filter: -55°C (30min) ←→85 °C(30min)/RAMP(15°C/min)/1000cycles Tantalum Capacitor, Ceramic Capacitor, Resistor, Thermistor: -55°C(30min)←→125°C(30min)/RAMP(15°C/min)/1000cycles Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor:-40°C(30min)←→105°C(30min)/RAMP(15°C/min)/1000cycles Inductor, Transformer, Rheostat, Quartz Oscillator, Resettable Fuse:-40°C(30min)←→125°C (30min)/RAMP

(15°C/min)/1000cycles Network Low-Pass Filter, Network Resistance: -55°C(30min)←→125°C(30min)/RAMP(15°C/min)/1000cycles

        Temperature Shock (MIL-STD-202-107): [applicable equipment: TC, TSK] Self-healing fuse: -40°C(15min)←→125°C(15min)/300cycles high humidity (MIL-STD-202- 103): [applied equipment: THS] Tantalum Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors: 85°C/85%RH/1000h/Voltage 1.3 to 1.5V Inductors & Transformers: 85°C/85%RH/1000h/ Non-energized Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors: 85°C /85%RH/1000h/rated voltage

EMI interference suppressor, EMI interference filter: 85°C/85%RH/1000h/rated voltage & current resistance, thermistor: 85°C/85%RH/1000h/operating power supply 10% Resettable fuse: 85°C/85 %RH/1000h/rated current 10% Variable capacitance, variable resistance: 85°C/85%RH/1000h/rated power 10% Network low-pass filter & network resistance: 85°C/85%RH/1000h/ Voltage [network capacitance (rated voltage), network resistance (10% of rated power)] Varistor: 85°C/85%RH/1000h/rated voltage 85%+ma current quartz oscillator, ceramic resonator: 85°C/85 %RH/1000h/Rated VDD+1MΩ, Parallel Inverter, 2X Crystal CL Capacitor Between Each Crystal Leg and Ground Film Capacitance: 40°C/93%RH/1000h/ Rated Voltage Humidity Resistance (MIL-STD -202-106): [applicable device: THS] Film capacitance: (25°C←→65°C/90%RH*2cycle)/18h→-10°C/3h, each cycle is 24h in total, step7a&7b is not powered