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A brief history of the development of printed circuit board
Sep 07, 2016

Before the advent of printed circuit boards, interconnection between electronic components are relying on wire direct connection and complete the line. In modern times, the circuit Panel exists only as an effective tool, and printed circuit boards in the electronics industry has become occupied the position of absolute rule.

In early 20th century, people in order to simplify the production of electronic machines, reducing the wiring of electronic parts, reducing production cost advantages and began delving into print to replace the wiring method. 30 years, there have been engineers propose insulating substrate to metal conductors for wiring. And it is most successful in 1925, the United States Charles Ducas in the insulating substrate printed circuit patterns, then electroplated, succeeded in establishing a conductor for wiring.

The past more than 10 years, for printed circuit boards (Printed Circuit Board, PCB for short) manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, total output, both ranking first in the world. Due to the new electronic products, price wars changed the structure of the supply chain, both industrial distribution, cost and marketing advantages, China has become the world's most important production base of printed circuit boards.

Printed circuit boards from single layer to double sided boards, multilayer PCB and FPC, and continuously to the development of high precision and high density, and high reliability. Shrink volume, reduce costs, improve performance, makes printed circuit boards in electronic product development process, continues to maintain a strong vitality.

Printed circuit board manufacturing technology in the future development trend in terms of performance to high density, high precision, small diameter, thin wire, small space and high reliability, multilayer, high speed transmission, development of lightweight and thin.