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Jinpei as a professional capacitor manufacturers and over 30years of industries experience, has always been committed to the capacitor field of high and new technology R&D, we actively contact clients in different areas, involved in instrument, LED, audio, power supply, electronic toys, security, digital camera, microelectronics, oil drilling, solar energy, new energy vehicles, communications, military spaceflight etc.

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 56uF 400V.pdf

The basic requirement of switch power supply for electrolytic capacitor performance.pdf

JINPEI S Series MLCC effectively resolve the ques.pdf

Basic knowledge of the tantalum capacitor.pdf

Basic parameters of tantalum capacitor.pdf

long life electrolytic capacitors.pdf

LOW ESR electrolytic capacitor_1 backup backup backup.pdf

Parasitic parameters of aluminium electrolytic capacitor circuit model.pdf

The application of aluminum electrolytic capacitor and the matters needing attention.pdf

The development prospect of the electrolytic capacitor.pdf

The influence of environment on tantalum capacitor.pdf

The present situation and the development of electrolytic capacitor.pdf

The snap - in electrolytic capacitor in the application of the rectifier filter.pdf

What is the capacitors.pdf

Frequency converter rectifier filter for attention in the application of electrolytic capacitors

The parameter identification of electrolytic capacitors

MLCC Outgoing Inspection Report .pdf

ceramic disc capacitor datasheet 100nF +80 -20% 1000V D=17 P=10.pdf


curve of voltage Bias for MLCC.pdf

relative questions for MLCC.pdf