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Ceramic Capacitors

The method of making the ceramic capacitor is, in the ceramic medium (can be a flat structure and tubular structure, the structure of the cup shape, etc.) on both ends of the coating weldability conductive paste, curing by sintering, welding or sintering again again, will lead to good electrode to realize the good electrical connection, final reoccupy insulating resin potting, curing, lettering. For ceramic dielectric capacitor known as ceramic capacitor (ceramic capacitor) or ceramic capacitors, also known as the ceramic capacitor.Because of the rich raw materials, and wide capacitance (typically several skin to hundreds of micro method), the loss is small, temperature coefficient of capacitance can be adjusted according to the requirements in large range, therefore, ceramic capacitor is widely used in electronic equipment. Ceramic capacitor variety, according to its number of laminated, divided into single layer ceramic capacitor and multilayer ceramic capacitor, overall dimensions differs very big, according to the use of dielectric material properties can be divided into type I and type II and semiconductor ceramic capacitor;According to the size of the reactive power can be divided into low power and high power ceramic capacitor;According to the work voltage ceramic capacitors can be divided into low pressure and high pressure;The shape of the structure can be divided into the wafer form, tubular, drum, bottle shape, cylindrical, flatness, lamination, monolithic, block, pillar type, wear heart type, etc. Ceramic capacitor manufacturing process is commonly, preparation a forming, sintering coating electrode a burning seepage electrode assembly a coated layer, parameter test signal a package library.

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